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5 Tips on Engaging with Your Skin Care Clients during COVID-19

Our industry, as well as the entire world, is being affected by COVID-19. Here are a few tips to help you and your clients engage and interact together through your business during this time.

Working together

1. Contact your product companies – ask if they’re offering free drop shipping to your clients.

2. Offer your clients gift certificate specials, such as: a Buy One Get One Free or Buy One, Get One 50% Off.

3. Generate excitement by sharing a 2-3 minute instructional video on how clients can layer their products, or add serums to their current regimen to give their skin a boost. Give them helpful tips on how to reduce stress & relieve tension by applying a few pressure points to their skin.

4. Offer specials on product purchases (feature them in your videos) and remember to include their Free Shipping of products to their home!

5. Schedule a time where your clients can reach you for Q & A’s during the week concerning services, products, etc.

Like & Visit us on Facebook at Creative Spa Consultants Inc. for a further in-depth video on engaging with your skin care clients during COVID-19. Click on our Post Grad Courses Tab at the top of this Web page to view our Educational Classes & Class Descriptions.

Let’s continue to touch lives & stay healthy & well!

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