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Acne Care

All of our acne care treatments are customized to suit your specific needs. 


Acne is defined as a “disorder of the skin caused by inflammation of the skin glands and hair follicles..” ( 


Acne is very common among pre-teens, teens, young adults and has been on the rise with mature adult skin. It affects millions of Americans. Acne can be genetic (predisposed at birth), but can also be acquired through internal and external factors such as: hormonal changes experienced with pregnancy, medications, using improper skin care products for your skin type and/or skin condition(s) and more. 


Experiencing acne on your skin can be very frustrating, confusing and emotionally taxing. We understand this emotional rollercoaster as acne is our number one focus.


The most important piece of information we can share with you if you are suffering from either mild, moderate or severe acne is to follow these 4 steps:


1. Seek out a licensed skincare therapist with knowledge and experience in treating  acne.

2. Schedule an appointment for a skincare consultation (this will help you have a thorough understanding of what’s happening with your skin, how to treat your skin and learn how to start getting your acne under control).

3. Start on a professional acne home care regimen prescribed by your skincare therapist.

4. Schedule and start receiving professional acne facial treatments with your skincare therapist.


Keep in mind that 80% of your skin’s outcome is based on your commitment to treating your skin at home with products designed for your specific skin type and condition(s) as well as 20% of your skin’s outcome is based on your commitment to receiving professional acne treatments given by your skincare therapist.


Clear Skin Blogs:

For more information on acne, its triggers, ingredients used to treat acne, etc.

Click on the blogs below to view some tips on how to help combat triggers & what to look for inskin care products.

Acne Blogs
Before & After Acne Treatment Photos:


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Acne Before.png


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Acne After.png

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Acne Pricing:


Acne care and its treatment is a procedure which depends on many different factors.

First, we request you schedule an appointment for a free consultation to have your skin analyzed. This will determine your skin type, the skin conditions you are currently experiencing and your acne classification. This allows us to formulate a customized acne treatment plan based on your specific skin care needs.


Once a treatment plan is put into place for you, you will be able to start on your home care products to begin the process to getting your acne under control and preparing your skin for professional acne treatments.


The pricing for acne facial treatments and acne chemical peels are as follows (these prices do not include home care products):


Acne Enzyme Lite Treatment         $30

(cleanse, enzyme lite, hydrator, spf)


Acne Enzyme Forte’ Treatment $45

(cleanse, tone, enzyme forte’, extractions, hydrator, spf)


Acne Facial Treatment:             $55             

(cleanse, tone, exfoliate, extractions, mask, hydrator, spf)


Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel / Mandelic Acid Chemical Peel $75 / $75

(cleanse, tone, acid peel, hydrator, spf)


ProPeel®             $125     

(a 4-step medium-depth chemical peel)

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