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Coaching Classes

Sign up today for any of our coaching classes. Set and achieve your short-term & long-term goals by creating your plan-of-action, staying motivated, & putting your plan of action into play.

Our Coaching Classes

Build A Winning Team
“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” quote by Henry Ford.
Teamwork & striving toward the same vision helps everyone win.

  • Create excitement, motivate, encourage, and empower your staff (build confidence).

  • Help your staff become a more powerful team by teaching them to work efficiently and smoothly together.

  • Strengthen your team’s cross-promotion of services, rebooking, and retail skills.

Training Your Staff
Effective training is imperative in operating a successful salon and spa. Make training fun,
effective, and profitable for you and your staff.


  • From the beginning of the client’s salon or spa experience (greeting/front desk & meeting

  • skin care specialist, etc.) to the end of their treatments (retailing & rebooking).

  • Giving each client Exceptional customer service.

  • Importance of staff knowledge on all services & retail offered to clients.

Exceptional Front Desk
The front desk is the first and last contact that your client will experience with your salon or spa,
whether it involves contact over the phone, online, or in person, make the experience
unforgettably fantastic! Remember, you only get one chance to make an excellent and
memorable first impression! Your front desk personnel can make you or break you.

  • Cross-booking all salon services and upselling; effective scheduling and re-booking.

  • Outstanding customer service via telephone, online, in person.

  • In-depth knowledge of retail and services for entire salon or spa.

Retail Like a Pro
Retailing is not an after-thought. It is an essential factor for helping to continue to correct or
maintain your clients’ skin, nails, and hair through at home care.

  • Create solutions to address fears or challenges that are stopping you from effectively retailing, educating clients, or re-booking.

  • Know your current clientele and your target market clientele.

  • Educating clients on proper homecare use (80/20).

  • Have thorough knowledge and understanding of your products and services.

Coaching Your Team to Success
Having a team that works together, pleasantly and efficiently, to deliver exceptional customer
service will ensure that your clients will have an amazing experience. Their very pleasurable
experience will inspire them to re-book, and refer you, your staff and your services to others.


  • Steps on how to get your staff on the same page to share your vision and mission statement.

  • How to conduct fun, solution-based weekly meetings.

  • Salon incentives: daily, weekly, monthly retail & sales goals.

  • Do you and your staff share the same vision & mission?

Creating And Achieving Your Goals
Have fun setting and achieving your short-term & long-term goals by creating your plan-of-
action, staying motivated, & putting your plan of action into play.


  • Write your story, know your vision, and grab hold of your future.

  • Why goal setting is imperative to increasing your business.

  • How to keep your motivation positive and moving toward your goals.

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