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Cooler Weather & Your Skin

Cooler Weather & Your Skin

Cooler weather is upon us and the burst of cool air can wreak havoc on our skin if we aren’t prepared for it. Skin that was once dewy and moist can become dehydrated, flaky, and feel dry. Here a few quick tips to help you transition your skin into the cooler season.

Dry skin care

Warm water is key

Washing with water that is too cold or too hot won’t tighten your skin or shrink your pores. It can, however, cause dehydration; resulting in your skin feeling dry, flaking, and accentuating fine lines.

*If you are experiencing dehydration, incorporate Squalene Oil into your regimen. Squalene is suitable for all skin types and adds hydration while alleviating the dry feeling, reducing flakiness and the appearance of fine lines.

Protect with SPF

Help combat the effects of dehydration while protecting your skin from harmful UVA Rays (responsible for the breakdown of our collagen) which can creep through our clothes and car windows. Physical SPF’s are a great way to go if you are allergic to certain chemical ingredients, suffer from acneic/sensitive/sensitized/ oily skin, or are currently using topical/oral photosensitizing medications.

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